Error correction SLA's Explained

In the article, Derick learns about the complexity of error correction service levels in tech contracts after drafting uptime service levels. He turns to ContractNinja to draft clear error correction service levels and is guided by Jen to understand concepts like response and resolution times, severity levels, workarounds, and defining what constitutes an “Error” in SaaS. The article stresses the importance of clearly outlining the procedure for reporting errors, addressing customer-caused and third-party errors, and whether the service provider is obligated to try or ensure the error is fixed. It also discusses the remedies available, particularly credits, detailing how they are calculated, claimed, capped, and tied to contract termination. The importance of specifying conditions for contract termination due to errors is highlighted, emphasizing fairness and accountability. Derick concludes that contracts need clarity and comprehensive coverage, acknowledging the dynamic nature of tech contracts.

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