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The Contract Builder™ uses the latest technology to help users create bespoke contracts. It does this by guiding a user through an easy-to-use dynamic and interactive process using advanced decision trees and conditional logic to ensure the result (the tech contract) is tailored to your needs.

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With a Contract Builder™, the customization options are endless, and you can easily customize the contract to your exact needs without the constraints of traditional template population tools.

Smash deadlines

With the Contract Builders™ and the Contract Creation Framework™, you can immediately start building watertight contracts without having to research dated resources or browse through inadequate precedents.   

Elevate your career

Use Contract Builders™ to distinguish yourself from your peers and demonstrate your expertise. Be more than just a lawyer, attorney, or in-house counsel – become a contract specialist prepared for any contract challenge.

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Traditional resources and tools, such as template population tools, and precedents, are insufficient to navigate the dynamic landscape of contracts.

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No more spending time dragging signature boxes around or placing fields for missing information.

Central Contract Repository included

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When is it up for renewal?
See all active contracts with Tesla.
Easily stay on top of your contrats!

Simplify contracts. Minimize risk.

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If you are a lawyer, attorney, or in-house counsel with aspirations to excel in the realm of technology and software transactions, this is for you.

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Frequently asked questions

Created by legal professionals for legal professionals

Are these contract templates?

No, templates populate static documents with data that the user inputs. Contract builders are different.


With a contract builder, your contracts are built from scratch by accessing a powerful contract creation framework. The user structures and configures the contract to their exact requirements within the contract builder. There is no need to make further amendments or additions to the Word document after the contract builder creates it.

Are the contracts any good?

We often get asked if the contracts which the contract builder creates are any good.


Now, some lawyers believe that a “good” contract is one where the other Party gets completely screwed over and which creates the utmost benefit for their client even though this may not be the intention of the Parties.


We have a different view.


A good contract is a contract which correctly reflects the intention of the Parties. For this reason, the question that needs to be asked is whether the contract builder asks the right questions to establish the intention of the Parties to the transaction correctly.


We’ve gone to great lengths to establish the important questions which need to be answered to establish the intention of the Parties correctly. 


For example, we’ve used crawlers to scour millions of contracts on contract databases, housing contracts concluded by some of the world’s biggest companies, to establish which clauses go into these contracts and what the different variations of these clauses are.


Then, there is the continuous feedback loop we’ve created between us and our users. With each contract created by a contract builder, we allow a user to provide feedback. We ask our users to tell us if there is anything the contract does not address and if there are any other variations we need to make provision for.


We also have a team dedicated to ensuring the contracts comply with international best practices as far as the use of plain and understandable language is concerned.

Will documents be available in Word?

Yes, if you are on a subscription, you can download and edit the documents in Word.


The Word document will use autonumbering and referencing, which means you can easily update numbering and cross-references when you make changes to the document.

What about document styling?

There is no right or wrong in styling contracts (including numbering paragraphs and cross-referencing). But businesses are now operating and contracting internationally more than ever before. Over the last couple of years, a standard has started taking shape.


We, therefore, align our documents as far as possible to the “international standard” which has emerged and will continue to keep a close eye on formatting and styling across the globe.

Can I re-use a Contract Builder’s configuration?

So, you have taken your time to configure the contract builder exactly like you want it. A question we get asked often is if the specific configuration can be used for future transactions.


The answer is yes. The ContractNinja platform allows you to easily use a previous configuration for new transactions. This will save you a lot of time and means you don’t have to worry about going through all the questions in detail again.

What are the Contract Building Blocks?

The Contract Building Blocks is a resource to bridge the gap between theory and practice.


Contracts are broken down into different blocks, and the different parts of these blocks are then explained using real-world examples.

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