Secondary Blocks

Financial stability

This guide explains the different parts that make a financial stability block.


Financial stability

In the complex world of software, especially with newly established development houses, it’s crucial to protect your interests and ensure that the projects are financially viable. One way to ensure this is through the incorporation of a ‘financial stability block’ in the contract.

A financial stability block is the metaphorical safety net in tech contracts. This block acts as an assurance for both the client and the service provider, allowing either party to discontinue the contract without significant losses if the other party’s financial position weakens. For instance, a client wouldn’t want to be left stranded if the development house can’t afford to pay its developers, jeopardizing the project’s completion. Similarly, the Developer would want to exit the contract promptly if the Customer’s finances deteriorate, risking non-payment for services rendered.



This part grants a party the right to review the other party’s financial records to assess their fiscal health. For example, if a Customer has concerns about a Developer’s financial stability, they could request access to financial statements or balance sheets to ensure the Developer can pay its developers and complete the project.

Termination right

If a party’s financial condition declines, this part grants the right to terminate the contract. For instance, a Developer who discovers that a Customer is facing bankruptcy may choose to terminate the agreement to prevent losses.


This part safeguards any information provided during the financial stability assessment. It ensures that any sensitive financial data shared remains strictly confidential and is used solely for the purpose of the financial review.

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